Bendy and the Ink Machine CC patch

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it… however this is broken.

Some of previous Bendy and the Ink Machine items had some problems, so I’ve decided to fix them and bundle them together. I’ve listed the items below as well as the things I fixed.

Ink monster statue – I replaced the second LOD mesh with the correct one so the statue should no longer switch between being a monster and a ballerina.

Bendy action figure – Again, I replaced the second LOD mesh so that the toy does not have a cape when the camera moves a certain distance away from the object.

Goose ornament – Replaced the second LOD mesh (are you starting to see a pattern here?) so that the goose doesn’t stretch out to a flamingo.

Broken wall decal – Adjust the UV map so that there is not longer thin black line above the broken wall (and you thought this was going to be a LOD issue).

Pitch black floor – changed the preview in build mode so that it no longer displays a white carpet swatch, this is just to make it easier to find.


Unfortunately the last Sims patch broke two items of CC that I haven’t been able to fix, and the only options left are to delete it from your game, or continue using it. The items themselves do not break the game, they just look dodgy.


To download the patched bundle, click the link below.