Bendy and the Ink Machine Sims 4 CAS CC Bundle

Transform your sims to inky creations with the Create-A-Sim bundle!


This bundle contains:

  • Two hairstyles
  • One mask
  • One set of snout and ears
  • One set of horns with a halo
  • One bow tie accessory
  • One pair of shoes
  • One pair of deformed feet
  • Three pairs of gloves
  • And more….

To add these items to your game, unzip the file and move the file with it over to your mod folder in your Sims 4 files.

This bundle contains a text document with a guide to making the characters.

To download this bundle, click the link below.



Anyone who downloaded the bundle before 17-07-2017 will need to download the patched Sammy mask which can be found below. The download above has already been patched, so if you are downloading it for the first time, you will not need to download the patched mask.


The outdated bundle will still function, however there is a bug that renders Sammy’s mask as an afro at a distance. To use the patched mask, simply replace the previous package with the new one in your mod folder. It is advised that you delete the old mask package to prevent confusion.