Bendy and the Ink Machine Sims 4 CC Bundle 2

Back for more! Add even more Bendy and the Ink Machine themed CC to your sims house with this bundle.


This bundle contains:

  • One broken wall decal
  • One ink stain wall decal with six swatches
  • One ink stain floor decal with six swatches
  • One single tone pattern-less black floor swatch
  • One wall writing decal
  • One standing floor lamp
  • One chair
  • One crate and one crate stack
  • One projector
  • One shelving unit
  • One ritual circle (found in pool decorations)
  • One poster with 4 swatches
  • One wheelchair
  • One dissection table
  • One set of concept art

To create large pools of ink like shown in the image above, combine the black floor swatch with the ink stains.

To add these items to your game, unzip the file and move it’s contents over to your mod folder in your Sims 4 files.

Be sure to check out the first bundle here for the floor and wall coverings show in the image above.

To download the bundle, click the link below.