Bowsette CC for Sims 4

At least people are drawing a human and not a turtle.

This bundle contains 4 items:

  • 1 dress with shell
  • 1 dress without shell
  • 1 ponytail with crown and horns
  • 1 long hair with crown and horns

The dresses work best if your start with the first body type as that is the one that the dresses were modelled on. Enlarging the breasts too much will distort the brooch, and enlarging the arms will hide the arm bands. Some shoes will overlap the dress texture, so you’re better off using heels instead of boots, but they aren’t that visible anyway.

Both hairstyles work with hats, and have multiple swatches, and the crown and horns are part of the hair. Both hairstyles will clip into the shell (this is why I did a version without the shell), and other long base game hairstyles will clip too.

To download this bundle, click the link below: