FNAF Molten Freddy CC Bundle for Sims 4

“Thanks for inviting me to the party, I’ll try not to disappoint.”

This bundle contains 3 items:

  • One body piece
  • One head piece
  • One set of teeth

The body and head piece have quite a high polygon count, and if your PC has lower end specs, you may encounter some lag when it comes to using this CC. I tested it on an old laptop, and it ran fine at lower quality.

Whilst most hairs can be used with the head piece, some will clip through the hat.

The teeth aren’t necessary for all animatronics, however I felt that Molten Freddy’s clean teeth stood out too much compared to his dirty clothes and jaw.

The nose used for Molten Freddy is the same one used for Helpy, so I’ve added it as a separate download. If you already have Helpy, then you don’t need to download the nose.

To download the bundle, click the button below.


To download the nose from Helpy’s Bundle, click the link below.