Sims 4 Pokemon CC Bundle

Kit out your PokeSims with these custom clothing items, and track your journey with these Pokedex rugs and Gym Badge photo frames.


Bundle includes:


Pokedex Rugs (11 rugs, 153 total swatchs, found in rug section)
Gym Badges (1 photoframe, 8 swatches, found in clutter section)
LaurenzSide Fan Art (1 wall hanging, 1 swatch, found in wall hangings section)


Magnemite Hair (childs ponytail, 1 swatch)


Arbok Shirt (1 swatch, adult size)
Bulbasuar Family Leggings (3 swatches, suitable for Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur, adult size)
Chansey Dress (1 swatch, adult size)
Grimer Dress (1 swatch, child size)
Hitmonchan Dress (1 swatch, adult size)
Jynx Dress (1 swatch, adult size)
Koffing Vest (1 swatch, suitable for Koffing/Weezing, adult size)
Machoke Belt (1 swatch, suitable for Machoke/Machamp, adult size)
Muk Dress (1 swatch, adult size)
Poliwag Shirt (1 swatch, child size)
Poliwhirl Shirt (1 swatch, adult size)
Poliwrath Vest (1 swatch, adult size)
Staryu Family Crop Tops (2 swatchs, suitable for Staryu and Starmie, adult size)
Venusaru Hat (1 swatch, suitable for Venusar and possibly Vileplume, adult size)

Face Detail pack (found in facial details and not makeup) 6 swatches:
Kadabra Forehead Star
Pikachu Cheeks
Raichu Cheeks
Gloom Drool
Persian Forehead Gem
Mr Mime Cheeks


If this bundle tickles your fancy, click the download link below.